Destination Engagement Sessions

// Destination Engagement Sessions


Sal and I first offered destination sessions by a happy mistake. We had a client request to do their photo shoot on a particular week a few years ago. I had to tell them no because we were going to be in New York City that week. They then asked, “Well can we shoot there?” My jaw dropped. Of course, I said yes and since we were already there it would be no extra cost; we would just have to do the shoot on one of two days we were there. Our client said that was not a problem and that is how we officially started offering destination engagement sessions!

I know it can be scary trying to figure out how it all works. Hopefully these tips on how I run my destination shoots will help!

How to offer it?
Surprisingly, offer it for free. You heard me right, free. The way we are able to offer our destination photo shoots for free is either we are already traveling to a city for other work, shoots, family visits or vacation, or we know we will be able to schedule a few more shoots in that city, which should more than cover travel expenses.

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