dont be a fauxtographer


dont be a fauxtographer

A member of my online photography group recently asked if any of us identified as a “fauxtographer.” What the heck is that?

It’s someone who earns money doing photography, who has a photography website or fanpage, but, from a legal standpoint, does not have a legitimate business. It’s way more common than you may realize.

Urban Dictionary defines it as someone “who tries to jump
on the photography band-wagon by ‘Pointing-and-shooting’ hundreds of terrible pictures, which they will upload to myspace in an album titled ‘My Photography,’ ‘My Art,’ or ‘Critique My work.’ Always followed up by the person adding ‘Photography’ to their General section, or adding ‘Photography is my life…’ to their About Me.”

The question posed to my photography group caught me a little off guard. “Fauxtographer” doesn’t seem like something anyone would aspire to. Who’s going to admit to being that? Of course, the goal of this person was to help those who are not legitimately in business, but the way it was asked and the way people responded made me feel bad for those who may have felt embarrassed fessing up to their faux status. Then someone posted, “Perhaps we won’t hear from those who are not legitimate.”

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