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Most of us have heard the marketing wisdom that “word-of-mouth marketing” is where it’s at when it comes to growing our businesses. However, there are a couple qualifications that we would like to add. First, it’s not just that they’re talking that matters, but rather what they’re saying. And the second, what they’re saying can be cultivated.

Just getting your clients going out and saying your name is not enough. If what they’re saying does not line up with what you want your brand to stand for and the reasons you want new clients to hire you in the first place, this kind of word of mouth could actually do you more harm than good.

Imagine one of your clients is going out into the world with their virtual megaphone saying, “You should definitely check out my photographer…he’s really cheap!” or “My photographer would be amazing for you…she was so patient when we did our 76 family combinations.” Clearly, these are not the kinds of messages most of us want going out to get people to hire us. We would never take out a billboard saying “Hey, we’re really cheap” or “Hire us if you’re looking for someone who loves to do four hours of family pictures.” The truth is our best clients want to go out and talk about us. They care about helping us succeed. But by not knowing what we most want them to say they will likely default to saying the first thing that comes to mind. So instead of leaving that to chance, our second qualification says…what if we actually gave them something really good to talk about?

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