Get your Zag on with Lori Nordstrom

Get your Zag on with Lori Nordstrom


In today’s digital world, everyone can be a photographer—and let’s face it, most people either think they are or know someone who is. Photographers have a product and service that is easily and readily provided by the masses. It has become more important than ever to stand out from the crowd, to be different, to find your “zag.” Then there’s the challenge of getting that uniqueness in front of the right people.

In my opinion, the days of the “shoot and burn” model are going away. If someone wants digital files of their family, they can hand their camera to their neighbor or Aunt Sue. If they want pics of their kids, they can take them themselves. Even a day as important as a wedding is now being trusted to that friend-with-a-camera and to guests posting to social media. Sure, there will always be photographers who are willing to shoot and walk away, and many actually enjoy this process. But photographers who want to build a business and be profitable have to add high-end products and services to the mix.

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