How’s Your Exposure?


How’s Your Exposure?

It’s ironic that one word, exposure, can be so critical to every aspect of your career as a professional photographer. With your photographs, a decent exposure is critical to creating a beautiful image. Today, thanks to technology, if you screw up the exposure, you have the ability to fix it. Even though you’re burning time, your most valuable commodity, the image, isn’t lost. In the old film days, if you screwed up, you had to pray the lab could clean up your mess. And, if you were shooting chrome, there was absolutely no room for error. That was it: What you saw was what you got, with no forgiveness in sight.

Let’s take a look at the other side of “exposure”—the one most of you ignore. What good is working so hard to create the greatest images of your life if nobody knows who you are?

Even tougher to think about is what happens when you don’t get exposure—there’s no lab to bail you out. There’s no Keebler elf who’s going to sneak into your studio in the middle of the night and help build your brand (let alone bake cookies). It’s December, and you’re about to head into the slowest part of the year, the first quarter. So let’s hit a few ideas to help you start building a little momentum for your brand.

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How’s Your Exposure?

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