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Ideas for Impactful Black & White Images

Ideas for Impactful Black & White Images with Raph Nogal

There is just something special about black & white images. Perhaps it’s the way we look back at the photographs of the masters like Richard Avedon, Peter Lindbergh and Ansel Adams to name a few, or perhaps it’s the way old movies have a specific feel to them as we watch them in monochrome. As photographers of modern times, we have such an advantage when it comes to the gear that is available to us, and so many presets that we should experiment with, to consistently create and deliver black & white images for our clients and also for ourselves.

As a wedding and portrait photographer, I make sure that my set of images include at least a few black & white photographs for my clients. Black & white photographs feel like instant classics, and they feel like works of art.

I’ve come up with five ideas for creating impactful black & white photos for you to try on your next photoshoot. These ideas should motivate you, excite you, challenge you and push you to start creating beautiful black & white images on a regular basis. Let’s get it! See in Black & White

One of the best ways to get your feet wet and get immersed with black & white images is to see strictly in black & white at the time of creation. Assuming you are going to be using a digital camera, I recommend you photograph in raw format (so you can make adjustments later on), but the key is to turn your camera profile to Monochrome. This option will take away all color and you will be left with the simplicity and complexity of what is black & white.

This method will allow you to see the work through very different eyes. You will be drawn to different shades, tones and contrasts… without any color. Color will no longer be a distraction and will allow you to dive deep into the magic of black & white. Most modern cameras should have this option. On my Sony A7III, I go into Menu, First menu folder 12/14 under Color/WB Img. Processing, Creative Style, and select Black & White.

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