Jonathan McInnis Featured Photographer

Jonathan McInnis Featured Photographer


This month, rather than talking about business concepts or showcasing my imagery, I decided to feature one of my students. About two years ago I ran into Jonathan when he reached out to me to tell me about how he was putting my principles into practice and was having success. Now, this might not be overly exciting to you until you realize that Jonathan was about 16 at the time. I was blown away by his age, his maturity, and his hunger to be better and grow as an artist. I thought to myself, what would have happened if I had someone coach and guide me when I was that age? Where would I be now? I wanted to help Jonathan. I wanted to be part of helping him on his journey in photography and in life.

Jonathan is a sponge. Jonathan is hungry. Jonathan loves photography. And Jonathan has a bright future ahead of him.

As you will see from his imagery, he is no kid. He has a clear vision and passion for our craft. Get to know Jonathan and keep an eye on him. Great things are in his future.

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