What Kind of Insurance Do You Need?


What Kind of Insurance Do You Need?

No business owner should risk carrying on without the proper insurance. Many photographers realize all too quickly the importance of insurance protection, particularly equipment insurance. I remember the story of one photographer who left her photography equipment in her car while she made a quick stop for takeout. She returned to her car to find $15,000 of gear long gone. Even worse, this meant she was out of business until she could replace that gear. It meant the difference between paying $15,000 (without insurance) and a $500 deductible (with insurance).

This is just one of the many types of insurance important to photography businesses. There’s a handful of others that photographers should also consider, such as general liability and errors and omissions coverage. Equipment, general liability, and errors and omissions insurance are often grouped together in one policy. Let’s look at these types of insurance.

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