Mastering Dramatic Portraits: A Step by Step Guide for Epic Shots with Continuous Lights

Ready to create some dramatic portraits with continuous light? In this video we use the StellaPro Reflex S lights with a one-light and two-light setup. Check out the final results below!

Equipment Used:


Photographer: Sal Cincotta 
Hair & Makeup: Refine Beauty
Model: Blair Winter

One light setup with the StellaPro Reflex S

For the first shot, we set up the Reflex on a light stand and my assistant held the light over her for directional light. I didn’t want flat, straight-on lighting, I wanted to create dimension with butterfly-style light. For this shot I brought the light very close to Blair’s face, and because of the inverse-square law of light, the falloff was very quick, causing the background to go super dark. 

dramatic portraits with continuous light

Final images - one light setup

Settings: f/1.2 @ 1/5,000, ISO 200
Settings: f/1.2 @ 1/6,400, ISO 200

Two light setup with the StellaPro Reflex S

For the next setup, I added a second StellaPro Reflex S light with the Spot Optic to illuminate the backdrop and add more separation between Blair and the background. As you’ll see in the video we had to season to taste with the power of the light, but I love how the final images turned out. 

master dramatic portraits create epic shots with continuous lights step by step guide! 3 52 screenshot (1)

Final images - two light setup

Settings: f/1.2 @ 1/3,200, ISO 200
Settings: f/1.2 @ 1/6,400, ISO 200

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  1. Felix

    I will try these light setups! thank you, I am starting to do more photography with continuous lights and that was very inspiring

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