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I started shooting portraits in the late 80s in New Zealand when glamour was the biggest genre. As the glamour trend started to die out we had no choice but to evolve as fast as possible. We were busy with the transition of learning digital photography and every hurdle that came with it. Family portraiture and weddings became the biggest trends and weddings became high-end, very big and very glamorous. This is when my portraits started to evolve.

I wanted to modernize my brand and reinvent the experience of glamour photography. I needed to get off that old-fashioned portrait chair with the five different hand poses. At the time and for many years after there was little photography education and I had to rely on trial and error. I turned my attention to fashion, and reading about Herb Ritts and anyone else who was published in Black & White Magazine. I wanted to know how they were shooting and posing.

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online photography training | sue bryce

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