photography business basics

photography business basics

Despite the abundance of photography blogs, websites, webinars and workshops, too many photographers seem to be missing a long list of basics. I’m not talking about social media, networking or even all the exciting new technology. What so many people seem to have forgotten are the most basic fundamentals of business and communication.

These are in no particular order, but each one can make a serious difference in your attitude and your effectiveness in building a stronger brand.


None of you would defend yourself in court. You’d hire an attorney, because a lawyer has expertise you don’t. So why, then, would you spend hours working on various aspects of your business that you’re not good at? An old buddy, Jeff Jochum, is the first person I’ve ever heard refer to it as “right sourcing”—and that says it all.

Why waste time trying to reinvent the wheel when there are experts out there to help you? I see photographers wasting valuable time designing everything from logos to blogs to websites. Hire an expert. Companies can help you with virtually every aspect of your business.

Say, “Thanks!”

There are few things more powerful in this email and texting age than a handwritten thank-you note. If somebody has done something really nice for you—a client just gave you an awesome referral—write a note. It couldn’t be more basic.

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