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Photography Business Training


Our industry is constantly changing. The economy, technology, social media, and consumer trends create a never-ending stream of reasons photographers have to stay on their toes. With all the changes and the almost daily paradigm shifts, I’m convinced you’ve got to be diverse in your photographic skill set to maintain a strong business model and revenue stream.

There’s a lot of discussion and disagreement on this topic, especially when somebody throws out the idea of expanding your business to make you more than a one-click pony. There’s nothing wrong with being a good solid wedding photographer, for example, and I’m not suggesting you stray far from your core expertise. However, if you did a great job at the wedding, then why wouldn’t you want to be there when the first baby is born?

As a family grows, so does its need for photography. Kids change the dynamics of a couple, making them a family. Families get pets. Kids grow up, become students, and then seniors. Seniors get older, get engaged, and the cycle starts all over again.

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