Photography disasters turned into success

Photography disasters turned into success


Some photographers recently told me their own stories about how they turned a near derail into personal or professional fortune.

Very early in my career, I received a call from my lab rep. I was $19,000 behind on my lab bill! I had attended dozens of seminars and classes, I had heard all the things I needed to do to be successful, but I had every excuse why I could not do them in my business or my town. After this call, I went to my office and had a heart-to-heart with the person responsible for the problems: me!

I went through all my notes from all the seminars and took a look at all the “Things I Need to Do” the instructor had suggested. I knew I could not do them all at once, so I took five to 10 things to do each month for the next year, put them on my calendar and vowed to do them all.

Within one year, I had turned my business around.

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