photography high end sales

photography high end sales


When you want to sell big, the sale has to start from the very beginning. Photographers often expect their images to “sell themselves,” and while this desire is admirable, it’s not sustainable when running a business. High-end sales start with marketing and branding. What image of your business does the marketplace have? What messages is it getting from your marketing?

When our branding and marketing send the right message, the phone calls that come in
start to be more qualified, right from the start, and that should be a goal of any high-end photographer. But what about when you’re just not there yet? You want to start selling big, but need to make the transition with old clients—and with new ones calling to inquire about your pricing and services.

The initial phone call can make or break your final sale. Our language on the phone, how we treat our clients and the process that is delivered to them are all important factors in how clients perceive the value of what we do.

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