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In the July issue I described “friendors,” or vendors who are friends, and I gave some points on how to establish and maintain the relationship. A few readers had questions about this topic, so this month I am going to describe how to shoot around the schedules of friendors.

Again, referrals are the best way for any business to earn new customers. You have a unique opportunity on the day of the wedding since you’re able to professionally capture images for other vendors.

Before the wedding, build out a schedule and make sure there is time on it for you or your schedule shooter to capture “details.” This means shooting things that go beyond the bride’s personal story, such as Grandma’s brooch, the bouquet, or the wedding rings.

I always leave 30 minutes before the ceremony to capture details. (This also allows time for the bride to be tucked away as the guests arrive.) If the reception is at the same location as the ceremony, you can always slip away and get some of those details out of the way.

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