Picture Perfect Critique – September 2013

Picture Perfect Critique


I write this beyond excited to officially announce my critique column with Shutter magazine! I have always been an advocate for the invaluable educational opportunity that image critique can bring. I think it’s one
of the very best ways to understand your work. Having your photos critiqued can bring to the surface both weaknesses and strengths you might not even know are there. Equipped with this knowledge, you can work on those aspects that need fine-tuning. Most of the issues with images fall into four main categories: technical, location, background and pose/expression. Every month, I will critique five images chosen by Shutter from reader entries. The best part is that I will critique them on video, and use PhotoShop to draw callouts to show you where the issues lie. It’ll be as if we were sitting in the same room going over your images together. I love this industry, and I have dedicated many years to pushing my fellow photographer friends to invest in their education and prioritize their skills and mastery of the art.

So continue submitting your images and let the learning begin!

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  1. ed

    Stunning idea, great work my friends, the best magazine in the web, and FREE

  2. Maureen Hart

    Thank you for this free photography training magazine 🙂

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