The power of community

The power of community


You (and everyone else in North America) probably scoffed when you saw us in the news recently. Together with thousands of our neighbors, we were imprisoned for days within our homes and in cars along the Georgia interstate. Snowmageddon had come! And the wintry mix accumulated to a height of . . . two whole inches! With weather like that, you’ll understand why we didn’t shoot many outdoor portraits this winter.

So how does “slow season” always become the most hectic time of year? Am I the only one who completely stresses over it? Fewer paying clients walked through our door. The previous year’s savings dwindled just when we were hoping to make strides in our adoption process. Marketing took over my life, with very little to show for it in the short-term. (And did I mention Sal Cincotta wouldn’t stop harassing me about getting these articles in on time?) I lost sleep. And sitting here now, I confess my wallet and I are both a lot lighter.

Yet somehow, through it all, I’ve been completely refreshed.

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