StickyAlbums Product Review with Sal Cincotta

Product Review | StickyAlbums 3.0

We have been using StickyAlbums from the very beginning. It’s a market leader that’s focused on one thing: helping us create great mobile apps.

What’s New?

Like all things in the tech world, you have to innovate or die. StickyAlbums has released a new version that offers some crucial improvements to the platform. With the new upgrades, you now have the ability to control fonts and colors on your buttons for more obvious calls-to-action, and you can customize your layouts even more.

Bonus Pricing Guide Templates

StickyAlbums also launched its new pricing guide templates. What’s this, you ask? Templates provide an exciting and simple way to send your clients pricing, with imagery of products, sample room layouts, etc. This is a much more powerful way to showcase your products and pricing than sending a PDF to your clients and hoping they connect the dots. Best of all, it’s free and completely customizable for you and your business.

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Product Review | StickyAlbums 3.0

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