sales tax for photogaphers

sales tax for photographers


You are still with me, great! Now we dig deeper. I mentioned in the first article that I have seen countless questions regarding sales tax come up in online forums.
Two very common questions always pop up:

How should photographers apply sales tax to transactions that take place in a state other than the state in which their business is physically located?

How should photographers apply sales tax to transactions that take place in the state where their photography business is physically located but that involve clients who live outside that state?

If you live smack dab in the middle of Texas and all of your clients are local, this might be a nonissue for you. But if you live in a popular wedding location that brides and grooms flock to, or in an area where several states are situated pretty close together, such as the Northeast, then do yourself a favor and read on. Understanding your sales tax obligations in other states can save you from surprise liabilities and many headaches down the road.

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sales tax for photogaphers

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