Selecting the right location | Photography Tips

Selecting the right location | Photography Tips



Shooting on location is easier and less expensive than building and maintaining a studio, but it comes with a unique set of challenges that can be easy to overlook. With so many rogue photographers hitting the streets these days, accessing a location on private property has become harder. So many before

us have not followed the proper channels to secure locations, and property owners are on edge and not interested in the liability. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment of an awesome location and completely forget about the plethora of things that need to be done so you’re not booted from a property. I have locations all over town. Here’s exactly how I access them with zero problems. A lot of this I learned the hard way.

The best way to find potential locations is to simply ride around and scout. Take an afternoon off and hit the streets. Look for areas that completely fit your style and brand. It is most profitable to find locations that are close to each other. I have all my locations laid out in a circle in my town. Secure locations that are not so obvious so you can keep them to yourself. Once you secure a location, visit it throughout the day so you know where the sun falls. Certain times of

the day will be more appealing than others. Bring an iPod dock and play some music to help lighten the mood. Music makes everything better. Take several test shots around the perimeter to find the best lighting. With any public property, there is no way to claim a location as your own. Be prepared to find other photographers following your lead once you start shooting at a new location.

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