Senior Photography Lighting

Senior Photography Lighting


Photographing seniors forces you to stay on top of your game. All the new ideas you implemented last year will simply not be enough. As a senior photographer, we have to keep up with current trends and always bring something new to the table. Photographers talk about being different and adding variety yet seem to find themselves doing the same things over and over. It’s not because it’s not wanted, but it is simply easier to continue to produce what has always been comfortable. We have all been guilty of coming home from a convention with a wealth of knowledge and motivation, but never really doing anything with it. If you wish to be a successful senior photographer, the market will force you to constantly look for ways to add variety.

The biggest lack of variety I see in many photographers is in their lighting.

Simply moving your subject onto another background and using the same lighting style does not give you true variety. Forcing yourself to use different lighting sources throughout your senior sessions will add instant change to your work. Think of how boring an album would be with the exact same lighting all the way through. Seniors are not going to get excited without variety. Using several different light sources is a guaranteed way to add diversity to your photography.

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