Senior Photography Training // Blair Phillips

Senior Photography Training // Blair Phillips


Keeping pace with seniors can be a full-time job, requiring more than a simple backdrop to stay competitive. Often, companies that go out of business failed to recognize the changing needs of the marketplace. Photographers will continue to face this challenge, but not all can afford to run out and buy new things every week. I began building my own sets and backgrounds a few years ago, and it has become a major part of how I do business.

I used to travel to various locations for nearly all of my senior sessions.

It was so nice being able to have a bunch of different options, but it presented its own set of issues. After looking at all the extra time I was spending for each session, I found I was not as profitable as I thought I was. My seniors were having to change in their hot cars, I was roasting in the heat, and it added a few more hours to my workday. On top of all that, I became aware of the insurance risks. I also wanted to work less in order to spend more time with my new daughter.

My solution? I built a bunch of sets on the half acre of land behind my studio. Now I’m able to photograph nearly all of my senior sessions in a controlled environment.

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