The Only Lens You Need on a Portrait Shoot

The Tamron 70-180mm F/2.8 for Sony is the lightest and most compact 2.8 telephoto zoom lens in its class. The greatest feature? Its outstanding performance at a fast 2.8 aperture across the entire zoom range.

Tamron designed this compact and light-weight lens to be the ideal combination with a full-frame mirrorless camera. The image stabilization features of the Sony camera are also utilized with this lens for a shake-free shooting experience. The result? A compact telephoto zoom lens that is comfortable and easy to shoot handheld.

The innovative design of the Tamron 70-180 lens produces clear and beautiful images of all objects from near to far and provides the highest levels of autofocus speed and precision in Tamron’s 70-year history.

Tamron uses a new special coating on this lens to suppress ghosting and flare and to render subjects in exacting, full-contrast detail even under backlit conditions. Basically, the lens delivers outstanding sharpness and enables clear expression, capturing the mood of any scene without compromise across the entire zoom range.

Final Images

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F/2.8 1/400 ISO 100
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F/2.8 1/320 ISO 320
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F/2.8 1/250 ISO 320
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F/2.8 1/500 ISO 100
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F/2.8 1/320 ISO 320
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F/2.8 1/320 ISO 100

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