top 10 most influential photographers


top 10 most influential photographers

The results are in! You, the reader, voted. What a year it has been. The changes in who holds the most influence over our hard-working readers was a surprise to the staff here at Shutter.

I want to thank all of you for voting for me as being the most influential. I appreciate all your love and support. That being said, I felt it made sense to remove my name from the list and focus on others in our industry.

What is influence? For me, influence comes in many ways. It can be the motivation I receive from listening to one of my favorite speakers. Or that nudge we all need from time to time to get up off our butts and try something new. People can have an influence on you, your business and your life in sometimes unexpected ways. I am reminded daily through your emails and posts of the influence I have had on you and your business. Knowing that we have impacted and influenced your life in some way is the most powerful reward any of us could ever ask for.

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