Vanessa Joy talks selling albums

Vanessa Joy talks selling albums


Because of how easy it can be to “shoot and burn” a job, wedding or otherwise, the task of creating and selling albums can be a daunting one. Why should we spend the time making albums for our clients when they have access to similar products online? And if you are selling them, how can you make sure you’re selling them in a way that’s worth your time?

As with a lot of elements of photography and running a business, the devil is in the details. There’s a lot to consider. Here are three angles I focus on in my business that help me incorporate albums into my workflow and make them a significant source of profit.


The album is one of the staples our clients will remember us by, so it has to look incredible, which means you have to take the lead role and create it yourself. It has to be beautiful, pristine—not something that looks like it was printed via an online consumer publishing app.

When I show new clients my albums, I remind them that they’ve invested countless hours and dollars in their wedding, and at the end of the day, the photography is what they’ll remember their beautiful day by, and that album quality has to be of the highest quality, a family heirloom worthy of being handed down between generations.

I point out all the beautiful features of the albums, and let clients hold them to get a sense of their quality. I show them only perfect albums that pass my five-point quality inspection, as I describe next.

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