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Applying your knowledge of photography to shooting and editing video can be a beautiful thing. A decidedly biased opinion coming from me, I admit, but there truly is great satisfaction in creating a successful juxtaposition between composition, light and subject, and then bringing that visual motion message to life within the fourth dimension of time. This dimension is the canvas for which visual storytelling manifests itself for our brains to interpret into a storyline. To accomplish motion storytelling you have to train yourself to think outside the static, bounded edges of a frame and start thinking in terms of frames running together. While adding movement to visual images may create motion, there’s more to telling a story with motion than simply adding it. In this two-part article, I’ll introduce you to the methods of storytelling using video, and then show you some of the basic ways to bring those methods to life onscreen. You can point your HD-DSLR and press record all you want, but if you aren’t applying basic movie-making techniques your intended story may be lost to the dreaded realm of amateur video that the viewer may instantly dismiss as well, “amateur.”

Following are a few tips to film your subjects or stories with purpose, a method for creating compelling motion images that captivate the human mind, drawing the viewer into a scene. That should be your goal…to draw the viewer’s eye into a scene.

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