wedding timelines for photographers

wedding timelines for photographers


Photographers constantly ask me and Sal, “How did you have time to get that shot on the wedding day?” Or, “How do you get the couples to give you an hour and a half or more of their time to shoot the day of?” The answer is by completing a wedding timeline.

There are at least four “touch points” on the wedding timeline during the client’s lifespan at our studio.

The preparation starts at the initial wedding consultation. We let our potential clients know that we provide exemplary service by helping them with their timeline to ensure we capture all the photos they want in the amount of time for which they have us booked.

Often at the initial meeting we will walk through their entire day together to see how many hours of coverage it’s looking like they’ll need. This is beneficial because right from the start we have set expectations and they are aware of the time we need to do our job—which is to provide amazing artwork from their day. And because this discussion is happening so far in advance, it gives the couple plenty of time to adjust the timing of their day to ensure we have the time we need to give them what they want.

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