Your blog is a marketing tool

Your blog is a marketing tool


I look at a lot of blogs. Over and over, I see so many mistakes that could easily be avoided. I know the photographer/author is passionate about the business, but the messages coming through on the blog are likely being misinterpreted.

I see posts that make no sense and often are irrelevant to the target audience. I read posts that just fill up space because somebody said you should have a blog. A good blog is one of the most valuable marketing tools you can have, but you have to ask yourself the most basic question before creating one: “What do I want to accomplish?”

The answer is likely: “Build brand awareness.” A good blog can do just that, but let’s first differentiate between your blog and your website.

Your website is your storefront. It’s the equivalent of a brick-and-mortar building where you sell product. Your blog, though, is about your heart and personality. Your images in your galleries show your skill set on your site, while your blog gives you a chance to show who you are, share your values and be helpful.

Here’s a list to help you stay away from so many of the pitfalls that can contribute to losing business rather than building it.

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