11 Bridal Posing Ideas for Photographers

Posing Ideas

11 Bridal Posing Ideas for Photographers with Vanessa Joy

If you’re a wedding photography fanatic like me (almost 20 years in the biz!) then you know how important it is to capture the bride’s best features in all the pictures you take, whether candid or staged. But what if you suddenly run into a case of “photographer’s block” and aren’t sure which bride poses to use?

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Here are 11 go-to bride posing ideas that have never let me down.

1. Bride Under Veil

Taking a picture of the bride under her veil (with her face either clear or partially obscured) is a wedding photography classic that never fails to please. You can have the bride looking straight into the camera lens at a slightly upward angle, or looking off to the side with a serene expression on her face. The veil itself is the x-factor here; you can get some great play between the veil and your surrounding light by placing the veil in the foreground of the shot (maybe even snapping your photos while underneath the veil). 

2. Window Back Light

You can always take full advantage of the window light you have available to you. Have the bride stand in front of the window, facing away from the camera. The back light from the window will help the bride’s features to stand out clearly, and the final product will be so clear and bright that it seems as though she’s virtually in the clouds.

3. Walk Away

The “walk away” pose is a great showcase, not only for the bride, but also for her dress. You can snap this shot from a variety of angles; the main thing is to have the bride in motion. If you’re shooting from behind her, you may want her to turn her head to the side to better accentuate the curve of her neck and shoulders. Or you could have her look back at the camera with a smile as she walks away. If you’re taking the shot from the side, then you can really capture a flattering view of her wedding dress (especially if it has a long train).

Posing Ideas

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