9 ways to improve your boudoir business

9 ways to improve your boudoir business


Whether or not we’re doing great work and making good money, the essential factor necessary for happiness in our profession is finding meaning in our work. It’s easy for us to get caught up in lighting, posing, pricing and all the other aspects of running a photography business, and lose sight of the reason we chose to become a photographer in the first place. But after the quality of your work, the meaning and enjoyment you create out of your career is what leads to real fulfillment. I hope you finish reading this article not only inspired, but also with a clear action plan for how to achieve a deeper, more fulfilling career.

1. Ask yourself: “Why?”

Why do you do this work? Why boudoir photography and not landscapes? Try to go beyond “to empower women.” Why is it important that a woman do a shoot? That you pick up a camera and point it at this particular woman? Why does the world need this? These questions will help you creatively, in developing a vision and when you press the shutter, but also in designing your business and what your process is, what you sell, and for how much. Your business will be designed with intention, and your photography will have a heart and soul.

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  1. Becky

    I think it’s a good question to ask, that way you can understand the women who want women and how to overcome their objectives. Just as you said, “a man understands what a man likes”. Knowing why you do and enjoy what you do allows others to see, hear, and connect with you.

  2. Karin

    Paul White, I think the statement is meant as the woman as the client. Why should the client do the shoot? I don’t think it means the photographer.

  3. Diana MacDougall

    I’m a huge fan of Crista Meola. I am a Boudoir photographer largely due to her. My business is relatively new, and I’m having a blast. The article and 9 points are a good reminder for how and why I do what I do. Thanks for the article. The magazine is quite comprehensive, BTW. Love it!

  4. Paul White

    “Why is it important that a woman do the shoot?” – Get real. I have a thriving boudoir business and many of my clients come to me precisely because I am a man. They tell me that since this is for their man, they want a male photographer because a man can understand what a man likes much better than a woman can.

    1. admin

      Paul… couldnt agree with you more… its an opinion… 🙂 ~Sal

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