A Checklist of Must-Haves on Your Website


A Checklist of Must-Haves on Your Website with Vanessa Joy

As a photographer, you know that it’s important to have a website. It helps you reach a wider audience, gets more people interested in the services you offer, and is a great place to show off your portfolio. If you’re just getting started with creating a website from scratch, you may be wondering what it should look like and what information and elements you absolutely need to include. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to create an amazing site for your photography business. Here are a few must-haves that you should never overlook. 

Visible Call to Action

Think about the goal of your website. Is it to get people to call you, fill out your contact form, request a quote, or schedule a time to chat with you? Use this goal to craft a call to action to get people to take the next step. When someone first lands on your site, their eye often travels to the top right corner of the page. This specific spot is prime web real estate and should be used as such!

In that top right corner, you want to put a strong call to action, whether that’s your business’s contact information and a prompt to get in touch, a button to your contact form, or whatever you want your audience to do next. 

Talk About What You Do Best

Your website should be straightforward and easy to understand from the moment someone finds it. When someone visits your site for the first time, they should be able to tell exactly what you do in just a few seconds.

Use text and visual elements like photos, videos, and graphics to convey a simple, concise message that anyone can easily grasp. Put your business name at the top of the site, and use your homepage to include the most important images and text. If people are looking for a photographer for their engagement session, and they land on your site but it doesn’t seem totally obvious that you do engagement photos, they may leave to look for a different option. 

It’s important to remember that across all the communications you have with your audience (this includes your website, your social media profiles, and any emails you send out), your branding should be consistent. Try hard to use the same type of language, same photos and communicate the same message no matter where you’re talking to your potential customers. 

Your Website

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