Adding Luxe Portraiture to Your Photography Business

luxe portraiture

Adding Luxe Portraiture to Your Photography Business with Annie Marie

What exactly is luxe portraiture? I define it as a portrait that is a step or two above a standard portrait. It is more artful. More soulful. More creative. It is more than just a capture of someone looking at the camera smiling. It carries more impact through storytelling, expression, posing, styling and post production.

Who are luxe portraits for? Anyone who appreciates art. I created my luxe portrait experience because I wanted to offer something more customized and artful. It is a more personal and handcrafted service for the clients who want the best.

Why a luxe portrait experience? I believe that the way this industry has been changing, it is more important than ever to stand above the “crowd” if we want to truly be a successful artist. If we want to attract clients that appreciate our art, then we need to offer them something extraordinary. Luxe portrait sessions are more about quality and not quantity. Not everyone with a camera can duplicate the look of a truly artful image. It takes an artful eye, technical excellence and a solid business structure to execute.

I have always said that a successful portrait will satisfy both the brain (technical elements) and the heart (impact and storytelling), and luxe or fine art portraits are both.

Another, and probably bigger reason that I love to offer this style of portraits is because it fills my soul to create them, whether for myself or my clients. I am like a giddy child when I get to photograph a styled session. When you create images that are more artful, you have no creative limits. And that brings me so much joy just knowing that I can create from the heart. And knowing clients will hang these timeless images in their homes for many years is so very rewarding.

How do I create these portraits? Well, let me take you into my world and walk you through my process. First of all, this is so much more than just the portrait you create. This is an entire experience that you are offering to your client from the moment you greet them on the phone. I start creating that relationship with them from the beginning which lasts far beyond the delivery of their art.


The first important step after you book the session is to get to know your clients. Ideally, you will want to sit down with them either in their home (where you can see their decor and suggest places to hang their portraits) or in your studio (where you can show them many of your samples and work). If you are working remotely where meeting is not possible, an online meeting is just fine. It is best to meet face to face so you can begin to create that bond and trust. They are coming to you to create something unique and special for them, you need to give them that personal attention.

luxe portraiture

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