Attracting the Right Brides

// Attracting the Right Brides


For wedding professionals, this is the most wonderful time of the year. Why? A ton of couples get engaged over the holidays, particularly on New Year’s Eve. Maybe it’s because these proposing guys get so inspired by the holiday spirit or perhaps they’re just trying to combine events so they can remember the dates. Regardless of what it is, my research on Google found that almost 30 percent of proposals occur between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, around one million proposals in that short amount of time. After the initial excitement of getting engaged wears off, the wedding planning begins and brides and grooms everywhere start looking for wedding vendors. What can you do during this time to make sure couples find you in the huge sea of wedding professionals? How can you put yourself out there and be found by brides that will book your services?

There are four steps you can follow to make sure you’re doing your best to
attract this new influx of brides.

Marketing is the way you communicate your goods and services to potential customers. It’s important to note that marketing does not need to be synonymous with advertising. We’ll cover advertising (which generally costs more money) in another step.

Be creative with your marketing plan this time of the year. Think of ways to reach your target market that will seem natural and unobtrusive. No one likes to be sold, but everyone likes to think they magically discovered your amazing photography as if it was the best-kept secret since who shot Kennedy. So find ways to let them discover you.

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