Be a Better Second Shooter


Be a Better Second Shooter

For many people, myself included, being the primary photographer on a wedding day is something of zero interest. That doesn’t discount the passion to shoot, however. For me, second shooting is the perfect outlet to be creative, be engaged and support the primary shooter, giving that person every opportunity to get the amazing shots she needs to wow her clients.

I have been training under Sal Cincotta over the past three years, and continue to learn new techniques and practices with every wedding we shoot together. We have a flawless system that we never steer away from on a wedding day. For me, there are three key points I had to learn to make sure I am the perfect second shooter for Sal: a firm understanding of the role, the types of shots needed and the gear.

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  1. Lisa Sieminski

    Hi again Sal,
    Okay, I maneuvered to where I needed to be. When I originally wrote you, I had tried logging in, but the magazines didn’t come up, as if the site (or something on my end) was bogging it down. LOL…I kind of feel like an idiot for not waiting for a day or so before writing you. Thank you again for your time. You rock! I hope you and Taylor have a wonderful holiday season! It’s the perfect time of year to create awesome images with pretty Bokeh!! 😀 ~Lisa

  2. Lisa Sieminski

    Hi Sal, Taylor, or whoever is actually reading this;

    My husband purchased your “tutorials”…not sure what it’s called, but I was listening to the marketing information with him. Very good insight, and you are definitely a master at what you do.
    I am working hard to learn settings and such (my husband is the photographer, not me) on his other camera so I can be a second shooter. I signed up for the free magazine so I could read the “Be a Better Second Shooter” article. For the life of me, I can’t seem to get to the page to read it. It can’t just be these two little paragraphs. Please advise as to where I’m supposed to click. I’m computer savvy, but this seems to be a bit confusing.
    Thank you in advance for your time.


    Lisa Sieminski

    1. admin

      no worries lisa – glad you are enjoying it – if you read the blog post – it says log in and launch the magazine… so make sure you log in and launch the actual magazine and its in there… let us know if you need more help. sal

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