How to Make Any Space Photo-Worthy – The Cinematic Garage

There is a misconception in the photography community that great cinematic images require large budgets, big crews and epic locations. When I show people my work, there is always the inevitable comment “if I had an unlimited budget, I could do that too!” The fact is, the vast majority of my photography was created on a bare-bones budget and with a tiny crew—and a large amount of it was actually created in my own home.

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Creating a Luxury Brand Experience for Your Clients

There is no secret formula to providing an unforgettable luxurious wedding experience for your clients. It’s about taking the extra time getting to know them, listening to their needs and caring for their loved ones on their wedding day. It’s about genuinely becoming their friend while being professional. Even though it may sound like a big investment to do this for every wedding, the rewards will come back to you tenfold.

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How to Grow Your Instagram Following

So here’s the breakdown that I’ve used to create genuine connections on the ‘Gram. It’s the exact same step-by-step I’ve taught thousands of creatives to do. We’re all feeling 100% ourselves on the platform, we’re looking mighty fine if you ask me, and we’re all booking jobs because we started conversations. It’s my hope that you will follow along and get the same results.

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One Community, Two Worlds

Sometimes I wonder, where did I get it from. I remember when I was a child and my father used to take me with him to the darkroom to develop film. He loved to take photos and enjoyed his time developing them. I grew up in Western New York, in the suburbs of Buffalo where the photography community was pretty much non-existent. Forget about a community of African American photographers. So I guess it's not surprising that I was never inspired to take up photography.

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How to Take Your Lighting to the Next Level

From a professional point of view, understanding light and being able to execute your vision 'at will' despite the time of day or the location makes you an incredible asset to your client. Light is both an art and a craft. This broad spectrum can make lighting a daunting task to learn and teach. However, one simple philosophy of light can help clarify everything. There's good lighting, there's bad lighting, then there's the RIGHT lighting to help express the emotion you want.

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June 2020 Inspirations: Best Baby/Child/Family Image

Inspiration can come when you least expect it. As photographers, we are visual artists. We express ourselves through our camera and the images we create. Inspirations represents a sampling of our industry and the vision of professional photographers from around the world. Congratulations to all our featured artists. Be inspired…

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How to Build Your Photography Website With WordPress in 2020: Part 2

Wordpress is a platform with the power to build almost anything you want, but all that freedom makes it really tricky to navigate. Until I found the right tools through a lot of trial and error and crashed sites, I found it frustrating as well (in fact, as I write this, we’re dealing with the headache of switching the ShutterFest site to a new server). In this series, I want to save you all those headaches and show you the entire process of building a Wordpress site for your photography business, from beginning to end.

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High Key, Low Budget

High key lighting is a highly sought after and easy to create technique when you know how to do it. In this month's feature, I’ll show you how to create beautiful high key lighting on a low budget. I’ll take a reductionist approach, walking you step by step from the most complex, pro level, gear-intensive method, to a great 50% midway point, and then to our final 1-light method, the subject of this month’s tutorial.

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Motherhood Portraits: Thinking Beyond Newborn

In my self-discovery with newborn portraits, if you will, I realized I was photographing newborns how I had seen everyone else photograph them. Mistake #1. The one thing I am always encouraging other photographers to do is to find your groove, find your style. I was guilty of not doing this myself. I know... me! Can you believe it?!?! I mean, my rule of thumb is to create what you want… how you envision it, and then you market so the right people can find you for exactly what you do. We don’t shoot like others because we think that’s what our clients want. Because we all already know most of the time clients have no idea what they want. We educate them because we are the professional and we have a style.

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