Creativity with Light

I found that the best way to use strobes is to either bounce it, diffuse it further, or even both. I would use that rule at any setup, with some adjustments depending on the concept itself. Here I will be talking about different ways of using your lights, which will keep your body of work looking consistent yet diverse.

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Maternity Posing

If you’re a portrait photographer, you know how important it is to master posing, especially if you work with clients who are not professional models. As a portrait photographer specialized in maternity portraits, my eye is trained to look for poses and angles that flatter every woman’s body shape while showing the belly and the curves of pregnancy.

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4 Steps to Use the Color Grade Tool in Lightroom Classic v10

With Adobe’s recent October 2020 release of Lightroom Classic v10 comes the replacement of Split Toning with a new Color Grading tool. This is the tool many of us have been waiting for in Lightroom, and now we no longer have to go into Photoshop to utilize it.

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One-Light Setups

You can create your own magic anywhere you want with a battery-powered light and a small softbox or umbrella. When shooting outside, I love using the sun as my hair light and a softbox as my main light. No matter how bright the natural light is, placing the sun behind your subject will either create a subtle rim light on a cloudy day or a brilliant one on a sunny day.

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