Branding Ideas for Photography

Branding Ideas for Photography

We are always looking for new branding ideas. All of us should if we want to evolve our businesses. With that being said, as we head into 2014, we have some new branding and packaging we have been working on with the team over at

All I can tell you is 1) they are amazing to work with 2) their service is top notch. and 3) THEY NAILED IT! See below.

Below are pictures of our new hard drives and delivery boxes. This will be how we deliver our raw video footage and digital video to our clients moving forward. Very excited and definitely something that I believe matches our brand.

Regardless of whether you are doing photography or video, you have to think about your branding and how you will deliver everything to your clients. It might seem like an expense or something that’s not really that big a deal, but I promise you, it matters and says a lot about your brand!







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