Building a Strong Photography Portfolio

Photography Portfolio

Building a Strong Photography Portfolio with Sal Cincotta

As a professional artist, there is nothing more important than your portfolio. This is your calling card in the world of creative. It doesn’t matter how personable you are or how sweet you are, if your work sucks, no one is going to book you. This is one of the weakest parts of any new photographer: their portfolio. 

The funny thing is, there is absolutely no excuse for it. You have a camera and an endless supply of humans willing and able to step in front of your camera. There are many ways to build your portfolio and I’m going to share with you some ideas for ensuring your photography portfolio is up to snuff in 2022. 

ABS // Always Be Shooting

There is a saying in the world of sales: Always Be Closing also known as ABC. Well, I’m going to apply that to our world. You are a photographer, you should Always Be Shooting. Everywhere you go, camera should be in hand. 

I want you to think about something. What comes to mind when I say “your portfolio should be solid”? 

Here is what I am referring to. 

Consistent Imagery

Are the images on your website consistent? If a potential client goes to your site and starts clicking around, will they get a sense of who you are? Or are your images all over the place?

Consistency comes in the form of editing style, lighting, mood, composition, etc. 

It is so important you get consistent with your portfolio from every aspect of the creative process. 

This becomes crucial for those of you who feel like you can’t shoot the way you want to shoot or can’t attract the type of clients you want. If you want a more modern client then you have to ensure your portfolio on your website is modern and attractive to those types of clients. That’s where I see photographers miss the boat. 

Photography Portfolio

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