Capturing Serious and Romantic Expressions in Wedding Photography


Capturing Serious and Romantic Expressions in Wedding Photography with Vanessa Joy

Weddings are a special moment for a couple that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. For a photographer, they present an opportunity to capture absolutely unique romance and tension that you’d never be able to photograph anywhere else. Weddings have a lot of complicated emotions in them, and capturing those serious, romantic expression shots can be challenging, especially since you’re not working with models who can throw a fierce expression at any time.

While weddings offer you the chance to get some amazing photos, they also bring some pressure. You don’t want to waste these shots—the couple will want them to remember their day forever. Relax! The moment is already perfect, you just have to capture the magic. Below we’ll discuss a few different tips for how you can get great wedding photos with serious and romantic expressions with everyday clients.

Set the stage

On a wedding shoot, you’re likely working with a space you’re less familiar with than the comfort of your studio. Make the space work for you! Keep an eye out for fixtures and backdrops you want to work with during the shoot, and backgrounds that aren’t too distracting. Everything surrounding a wedding needs to be about the couple, but you need to control what you can control to ensure that you deliver the beautiful, romantic shots that the couple is counting on.

Pay close attention to lighting. An easy way to create a more serious atmosphere for your photos is to ensure lighting is direct and a bit dramatic. Purposeful lighting can create more angular shadows and accentuate sharp features like cheekbones and jawbones on your subject. Deeper shadows help create a serious tone, in my opinion, and controlling and using the lighting to your advantage is one of the quickest ways to make the environment work for you.


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  1. Felix de Vega

    Well that depends a lot on the couple, some of them are more serious than others. The wedding last all day and there will be moments more fun and others more serious. One tip that works for me to get that serious or moody style is to tell the bride to look down a bit

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