How to Mix Flash and Ambient Light

Attention all you "natural light" photographers, now is the time to expand your photographic skill set by adding flash photography to your tool kit. It's not difficult. With a few rounds of experimentation your photography will elevate itself to new levels and your work will stand out. These photography lighting tips will work for all genres of photography - wedding photography, portrait photography, senior photography, fashion photography, boudoir photography and more. In this step-by-step flash lighting tutorial I will explain techniques like dragging the shutter and how you can use that technique to allow more ambient light into your portraits and add more depth to any shot.

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Low Key Beauty Portraits

Are you ready to rock out some low key beauty portraits? These are a lot of fun to create and if you follow along in my step-by-step tutorial video you will be able to create stunning portraits for your clients. Even if you are a beginner, you can add this simple lighting technique to your studio lighting set-up.

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Soft Light Beauty Portraits

Soft Light Beauty Portraits with the Profoto B10 and their 5ft octa. In this behind the scenes photography lighting tutorial we explore how to create soft light beauty portraits and how to set up lighting to create the most stunning portraits. Off camera flash photography can be soft and it can be beautiful, you just have to know how to work with it to create stunning portraits. Studio photography doesn't have to be dull and boring. You can create stunning portraits by using the correct lighting.

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