Product Spotlight with the Profoto B10+

Look, there are all sorts of options when it comes to light. Different prices, different sizes, different power options. “Cheap” rarely works with anything in life, and it surely doesn’t work with professional lighting. I’m not debating that there are give-gets with every decision we make. It’s truly no different than the decisions we make with our cameras and lenses or the computers we buy. There are always trade-offs.

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2-Minute Critiques | Episode 12

Guys, sometimes I just feel like I’m being Punk’d. This is not a portrait. This is very bad. And I mean it with the nicest of sincerity. It’s just not a portrait. If you are the maker, and you submitted this, and you really want feedback, I’m going to give you feedback, okay?

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2-Minute Critiques | Episode 11

You've got a choice to make. You always have to ask yourself, the space that's being left when we leave some negative space, some head room, is it helping or hurting the image? And you know, when photographers get together and they start critiquing stuff like this, if it's not helping, the argument is always made that it's hurting, right?

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2-Minute Critiques | Episode 10

A for effort here. I see what you’re trying to do, but this is poorly executed. You’re trying to drop the kids in, all to the same scene, looking the same way, and clearly our little child on the far right, who is not listening to what’s going on, is more than likely the problem child.

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2-Minute Critiques | Episode 9

I feel the image is lacking expression, emotion, connection. Sometimes, as we're doing critiques, we're looking at the obvious. We're looking at lighting, we're looking at posing. Here, I'm just struggling with the connection of our subject. Maybe that's the goal, but these are things you want to be looking at.

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