Aperture Priority Mode vs Manual Mode

Do you know the best settings for your camera? Most believe that if you don't photograph in manual mode you must not be a good photographer, but nothing could be further from the truth. Check out this video where I show you the right way to use aperture priority and see if manual mode camera settings or aperture priority is better for your final images. Think about it, don't you think camera companies gave you all these options for a reason??

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8 Poses for High School Seniors

In this comprehensive photography posing tutorial for professional photographers, discover 8 essential poses specifically tailored for high school seniors. From casual and natural to elegant and confident, learn how to expertly guide your subjects for captivating portraits. Join us as we delve into the art of posing, exploring key techniques, composition, and tips to enhance your photography skills.

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How to Make Women Look Good on Camera

Everyone wants to look their best on camera, as a photographer, it's your job to helping them shine. Learn the art of posing women for captivating photographs! In this tutorial, we share expert techniques to make women look stunning on camera. From flattering angles to highlighting feminine features, discover essential tips for posing women that will enhance their beauty effortlessly.

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Lens Breakdown // Getting Started in Portrait Photography

Are you a passionate photographer eager to capture mesmerizing portraits that truly speak volumes? Look no further! Discover the crucial role that lenses play in transforming ordinary shots into extraordinary masterpieces, and learn why investing in the right glass is paramount to unlocking your full creative potential.

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