Creating Impactful Studio Portraits | Behind the Scenes

Create impactful studio portraits with Sal Cincotta

In this video, Sal covers 3 different lighting techniques that you can use to create impactful studio portraits for your clients. During this session, you will watch Sal set up lights, take Q&A, explain the why behind what he is doing, show you how to use a light meter, and more. In addition, you will see images right out of camera while he is shooting tethered.

Real time photo shoot

Follow along with the shoot in real time. See how Sal instructs the models and communicates with everyone to work through challenges during the shoot.

Set up

Sal uses 3 different set ups  during this shoot.

The first set-up is a 5ft Profoto Octa-Box with a Profoto B1 and a Westcott Eyelighter.

The second lighting set-up is a Profoto White Beauty Dish with a Profoto B1 and a Profoto B1 with a 20 degree grid for a kicker light. For the bonus shot, he added a red gel.

The third lighting set-up is a Profoto B1 with 5ft Octa-Box, a Profoto B1 and a 20 degree grid for a kicker light, and a Profoto B1 w 20 degree grid to light the backdrop.

Final images

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Lighting will undoubedly shape your final images. See how Sal uses studio strobes to create soft natural looking light.


The wardrobe was a mix of outfits from

Look 1 | Cold Shoulder Gown
Look 2 | Lush Velvet Gown
Look 3 | Coming soon

Gear Used

Camera | Canon 5DM4
Lens | Canon 85mm 1.2
Lens | Canon 100mm 2.8
Lens | Canon 24-70 2.8
Lighting | Profoto B1 x3
Lighting Modifiers | Profoto 5ft Octa Box
Lighting Modifiers | Westcott Eyelighter
Stands | Profoto Lightstands & Avenger Baby Stand
Backdrop | Oliphant Studios
Trigger | Profoto Canon TTL
Light Meter | Sekonic L-478

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