delivering video how-to

delivering video how-to


Clients love to share the videos we create for them. Anywhere they are, they can whip out their smartphone, tablet, or other Wi-Fi- enabled device and show off my videos with relative ease. However, there is still something gratifying about receiving a physical product, and, while many of today’s brides, grooms, and young moms may find online delivery a cool and convenient way to share the videos you make for them, we can offer them a bit more “wow” with a nicely styled, modern, tangible product.

Have you ever walked into a high-end car dealership like Mercedes- Benz, Jaguar, or Bentley? Everyone is wearing suits. No golf shirts with the dealership logo on them, but a bona-fide suit and tie. Some of the veteran salesmen may even be wearing a three-piece suit. Even the secretary is wearing a knee-length dress, looking poised and sophisticated. This is part of their brand. A high-end experience with a high-end car for a high-end price. I certainly know that I wouldn’t feel confident walking into an auto showroom and laying down $100,000 for a vehicle when the salespeople are wearing khakis and t-shirts. Our physical product and the appearance of items when

we deliver them say a lot about the producers. And since we value the work that we produce on-screen, we like to offer our clients a satisfying “unboxing” of their products when they arrive at their door.

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delivering video how-to

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