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free online photography training


Every photographer will encounter wedding situations that could spell disaster. It may be the bride’s personality or a mother’s overreach, complicated situations with exes or out-of-control partying. But often the situation just needs some finesse in how you handle the situation. Knowing how to deal with people is a skill set that takes time to develop. In the following examples I will show you how to manage through communication and control.

You’ll recognize the indecisive bride by her wishy-washy demeanor. But often her indecisiveness is a direct result of you not taking control. Do not let the bride’s lack of ability to make a decision affect your ability to dictate flow and direction to get great images. Take control. When you first start out it is so easy to let the couple determine where and when to take photos. But all too often this leads to creating substandard images – dappled light on faces, harsh shadows from the overhead sun, locations that are less than desirable.

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