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Technology in photography can be one of the best (and sometimes the worst) tools that we photographers can dream of, and the newer video capabilities in Digital SLRs are no exception. With the functionality in the new Canon 5D Mark III, 7D, 60D, Nikon D4 and 7000s, and pretty much every new SLR coming out, photographers now have HD video at the tips of their fingers. So should photographers ignore or embrace this latest development? Embrace and love it, of course!

Truth of the matter is that implementing video clips into your photography, or “fusion,” is really quite simple. It’s so simple in fact that a lot of high school students (aka your soon-tobe photographer colleagues) can practically already do it with their eyes closed. To be honest, I’m not so excited for my current photography generation when it comes to embracing fusion
as much as for the newer generation of photographers, for which most of their fusion skills are already second nature. With the younger generation coming into the photography world, fusion will easily be a common technique and from that point will only grow in creativity. Sooner than later the lines between photographer and videographer will blur and we’ll all simply be defined as visual artists.

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