home based photography

home based photography


Your being happy & finding a balance directly correlates to the success of your business, and vice versa.

The following represents hard-won wisdom from many tears shed, chaotic moments, and wondering if my purpose in life is being fulfilled. My first and foremost job is that of mom and wife. I am a better mom and wife if I have “me” time, which includes working and taking care of my other needs. Being happy and finding a balance directly correlates to the success of your business, and vice versa. If we always focus just on the end goals or making it to the weekend, we might just let life pass us by. Here are a few guidelines I follow to keep myself from drowning in my work and feeling like I can’t “leave it at the door.”


I can’t repeat this one enough. In order to manage everyone’s life, I have to live by a schedule. I use Apple’s old reliable iCal, and color code everything. Photography is purple, Fisheye Connect is blue, “home life” is red, black is working out, etc. Create a method to the madness, and stick to it, but feel free to move things around to accommodate your hectic mom lifestyle.

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