How To Time Lapse Video

How To Time Lapse Video



First, you’ll need a way to take a series of images over a period of intervals. You can use an intervalometer, such as the Canon TC-80N3 or the less expensive Vello ShutterBoss. If you’re a Nikon shooter, you’re in luck. Some Nikon DSLRs have an intervalometer built right in. Note to Canon: Get with it.

An intervalometer allows you to program your shutter to take photos over time based on your exposure
time and the periods between captures. If you happen to have your camera tethered to Lightroom or even some iPhone and Android apps, you can program it to take photos in intervals, and then view the results in real time.

Now you need to decide a few things. First, what type of time lapse do you want to create? Are you going to be shooting during the day, night or both? Do you want the motion of your subject to look like stop- motion video or more fluid, like when you use slow exposures to get light trails and motion blur? This decision directly impacts how you approach setting up your camera and how many photos you will have to take.

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