Innovate or Die in a Covid World


Innovate or Die in a Covid World with Sal Cincotta

This has been my battle cry since the day I became a photographer. I know then as I do now, this mantra will lead to success in any industry and any career path you choose. 

Do you want success? Yes or no? This is a simple question. Don’t overcomplicate it. Just make some damn decisions in your life. Stop waffling about everything. Stop making excuses about why you can’t succeed. 

Success is easier than you think. Rarely is success about raw talent. Stop fooling yourself. This is not a sport where athletes with super-genes dominate. ALL PEOPLE—short people, tall people, smart people, dumb people, black people, white people—have the ability to be successful in this country. This is what makes America so great. This is why immigrants from around the world flock to the United States. It’s one word: OPPORTUNITY. Granted, opportunity might mean something different to you, to me, to others. And that’s OK. Again, that’s what makes this country so amazing.

When my grandparents immigrated here from Lebanon and from Italy, it was for that “opportunity.” Quite frankly, an opportunity that we as Americans take for granted way too often. Maybe that’s the difference between success and failure. Recognizing opportunity when you see it and seizing it. 

When opportunity presents itself, do you recognize it? If you see it, what do you do? Are you paralyzed by it, by the fear, by the risk? Or do you seize it? We each handle that risk a little differently. And make no mistake, opportunity is not without risk. In fact, they go hand in hand. Opportunity is not a guarantee of success. It’s actually not a guarantee of anything other than just that… opportunity. 

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