Man vs. Machine – Glidecam vs. Movi


Man vs. Machine

Glidecam vs. Movi 

Time for a friendly competition between Glidecam and Movi. Full disclosure: Freefly Systems, which makes the Movi, is the sponsor of our NYC Photo Plus workshop this fall, but I have no contractual obligation to tell you how great the Movi or Glidecam is, so fear not: You are getting a 100 percent honest opinion. I also realize there are other name brands that compete with Glidecam and Movi, so when I say “Glidecam vs. Movi,” you can throw in their worthy competitors. (Maybe this article should be more politically correct and state “handheld manual gliding tool vs. handheld electronic stabilizer.”)

The question on every filmmaker’s mind is what stabilization tool to purchase and invest time and energy in for the best results. My goal is to help you make a buying decision.

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Man vs. Machine – Glidecam vs. Movi

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