Mobile Video How To

Mobile Video How To


A few years ago, when cellphone video was new, the thought of ever using that video for professional applications seemed ridiculous. As a producer of video since the days of Betacam SP tape cartridges, knowing how much time, effort and money were once needed to produce quality video productions, I found it laughable to think a single palm-held device could create acceptable-quality video, audio and graphical elements for public consumption.

It’s astonishing that for hundreds of dollars, not thousands, you can promote your business with a thoughtfully produced cellphone video. Not one that screams, “YouTube amateur,” but a polished and presentable piece. Here’s how to get started producing some impressive-looking promotional videos for less than $1,000.

1 Get a mobile device that shoots full 1080p video or better. The newest iPhones and iPads are a great place to start. My pick is the HTC One. It shoots the highest-quality video I’ve seen from a sub-$1,000 piece of electronics. This includes many popular camcorders. With faster, more robust processors and better GPU chips, the latest phones are producing stellar video. The trick

is how you use them. Mobile-device cameras don’t give you much manual control over how the exposure is set, and having a consistent exposure is key to producing a professional-looking video. A few tricks can help you avoid these shortcomings.

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